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Friday, May 15, 2015

Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment In Chennai

Rotator cuff is made up of cluster of muscles and tendons in your shoulder. These muscles and tendons plays an important role in movement of our shoulder.  Rotator cuff tears are the common injuries that occurs to shoulder and it may be caused from long term overuse or traumatic injury.

Types of Tears
Chronic Tear
Chronic tears can be caused by many factors. The main reasons are gradual weakening of tendons, overuse, impingement, poor blood supply, advancing age

Acute tear  
Caused by an identifiable trauma or accident - Acute tears can be also caused by car crashes, trips, slips or falls and tears caused when lifting heavy weights.

Tear - Symptoms
Pain - this can vary enormously
Limited range of arm movement
Night pain affecting sleep patterns
Grating, cracking or catching noises or sensations
Muscle weakness

Rotator Cuff Treatment
Exercises are the best treatments used for recover rotator cuff tears. Physiotherapy and surgeries are the next option for recovery, if it is not possible to recover by exercises.

Surgical Methods
Arthroscopic Repair
Graft Method
Salvage Procedure

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