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Monday, April 13, 2015

Total Knee Replacement Surgery In Chennai

Our knee carries a great amount of weight especially when we walk or stand. So if it is not working properly, you must be aware how difficult it is for you to carry out your day to day chores or activities if your knee is giving you pain. The orthopedic consultant will suggest you some physical exercises and medicines to reduce the pain. But, if none of the above mentioned suggestions work, then the total knee replacement is the only way to provide the healing touch.

What is Total Knee Replacement ???

Total Knee Replacement is a major surgery that aims at replacement of damaged knee joint cartilage, responsible for severe pain. This procedure is performed on the elderly people (and middle-aged people) to treat their knee pain. In this surgical procedure the lower end of the femur and upper end of the tibia are shaped to allow the insertion of the specially built up metal components into the gap. The artificial metal tray that is fitted to the upper end of tibia is teamed up with a plastic bearing.

The main objective of knee replacement is to restore the normal flexibilities of the knees and it also gives the patient a feel of an original knee. The recovery time stretches a long time, because it is a major surgery. You will no longer have to sit at home all the time, and you can do all the works as usual after getting successful Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

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