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Monday, March 26, 2018

Get Back To Pain Free Life With Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment in Chennai

Knee osteoarthritis is the condition of a knee in which cartilage that provides natural cushioning to the joints, wears away. Due to this, the joints bones rub each other more closely and shock absorbing tendency of the cartilage becomes reduced. Knee and Shoulder India, Chennai provides best facilities knee osteoarthritis treatment Chennai.

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Chennai

Causes and symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis

The age is the major factor for knee osteoarthritis. The other factors include are heredity, weight, gender, repetitive stress injuries, sports injuries, and other bone-related problems. The symptoms of knee osteoarthritis are pain, stiffness, swelling, low ability to move and the formation of bone spurs.

Treatment for knee osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis is known as a long-term disease and there is no permanent cure for the disease. The long-term management of the disease can include management of pain, swelling, and stiffness, maintaining a balanced weight, improves flexibility and mobility of the joints, and enough exercise.

Osteoarthritis Specialist in chennai

The treatment for knee osteoarthritis includes:

Physical activity- such as strengthening exercises,  range of motion exercises and aerobic exercises.
Weight management- additional weight can stress weight-bearing joints such as knees, hips, and feet. Losing weight can help to limit joint damage and reduce pain.
Stretching- gentle and slow stretching of joints can improve flexibility; reduce pain, and lower stiffness. Yoga is     good to manage stiffness
Medication- medications for knee osteoarthritis are available in the form of syrups, pills, lotion, creams, or injections. These include analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, and hyaluronic acid.
Physical and occupational therapy- these include heat and cold therapies, assistive devices such as walkers, canes, scooters, she orthotics or splints, and many motion and flexibility exercises.
Surgery- surgery includes arthroscopy (joint replacement surgery), proximal tibial osteotomy, and artificial knee replacement.

Osteoarthritis Specialists in Chennai of knee and shoulder India are highly experienced and qualified. They hear patient problems patiently and provide the best treatment plan to cure the problem. The hospital provides all specialized treatment facilities for knee problems. Their treatment provides a full-time satisfaction and relief to the problem and makes life more active and comfortable for a person.

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