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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shoulder Impingement syndrome

Shoulder impingement syndrome also known as swimmer's shoulder is a common cause for shoulder pain. It occurs when there is an impingement of the tendons of the rotator cuff as they pass through the shoulder joint.


Causes and Risk factors of Impingement Syndrome
  • Overhead use of the shoulder joint may cause impingement syndrome. The following are some of causes and risk factors of Impingement syndrome:
  • Partial tear of a rotator cuff tendon
  • Repeated activity using shoulder like tennis, swimming and other overhead sports
  • Joint Abnormality
  • The common symptoms of Impingement syndrome includes:
  • Weakness of the shoulder muscles
  • Pain in the shoulder that extends from the top of the shoulder to the elbow
  • Pain when lying on sore shoulder
  • Pain while using arm
  • Difficulty in reaching up behind the back
  • Muscle pain or weakness when lifting or attempting to reach
  • Sharp pain when trying to reach the back pocket
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Impingement Syndrome
Impingement Syndrome can be diagnosed by an ultrasound scan which helps to visualize the dynamic impingement and detect associated injuries. An ultrasound can visualize what is happening as the shoulder moves through the impingement zone.
Usually, the doctor may suggest a non surgical treatment such as anti inflammatory drugs or cortisone injections while starting the treatment for Impingement syndrome. If the patient have problem after trying non surgical treatments, the doctor may suggest a surgery. The following are the surgical methods for treating Impingement syndrome:
  • Acromioplasty: Surgery to increase the space between the acromion and the rotator cuff.
  • Resection Arthroplasty: In this procedure if there is a arthritic AC joint, the end of the clavicle will be removed
  • Arthroscopic Procedure: In this procedure the surgeon look in to the joint using an arthroscope and treat the problems inside the joints
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