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Friday, May 5, 2017

Dealing with Cuff Tear Injuries

Pain or disruption in free mobility can often be frustrating. Cuff tear is one such orthopaedic condition which hinder with free movement of arms. A rotator cuff is a group of four tendons and muscles that help in the stabilisation of shoulder while helping in rotating and lifting of arms.

Cuff tear injuries that occur in the rotator cuffs are common in sports persons, due to repeated wear and tear. Rotator cuff tear can also occur while lifting heavy things or falling on the side. They can be painful and interfere with our daily activities.

Symptoms of rotator cuff tear
A rotator cuff tear needs to be treated early to restore complete mobility and prevent conditions like frozen shoulder. Some of the signs and symptoms which denote cuff tear are as below: -
  • Discomfort while raising the arms
  • Pain while moving arms in certain ways
  • Weakness of shoulder
  • Popping or clicking while moving the arms
  • Inability to lift weights
Causes of rotator cuff tear
Rotator cuff tear can occur due to poor sync between the shoulder blades and shoulder, poor postures, bone spurs, repetitive stress to shoulders, lack of adequate blood supply, keeping the arms in same position while sleeping and so on.
Cuff tear can be diagnosed through physical examination of the shoulder or through diagnostic techniques like ultrasound, X-rays or MRI.
Treatment for rotator cuff tear
Moderate cases of rotator cuff tears can be treated with a combination of medications and physical therapy. The medications include anti-inflammatory drugs to control pain and swellings in the shoulder. The physical therapy procedures help in strengthening the shoulder muscles.
In cases where the cuff tear cannot be cured with medications alone, surgeries are done. Arthroscopy is the commonly preferred surgery done for treating cuff tear. The procedure is done by inserting an arthroscope through small incisions created at the site of injury. An arthroscope consists of a tiny tube affixed with a camera and other instruments required for the conduct of the surgery. A minimally invasive procedure, arthroscopy ensures best results with a short recovery period.

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