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Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Get Relief from Shoulder Pain ?

Shoulder Instability is a problem that occurs when the bony structures that surround the shoulder joint do not work properly. Shoulder instability is caused either if the joint is too loose causing slide partially out of place or if the joint comes completely out of place.  The bony structure of the joint surfaces, the ligaments, capsule and muscles are all responsible for maintaining a stable shoulder joint.

Causes of Shoulder Instability

Shoulder Dislocation

Severe injuries or trauma is often the cause of an initial shoulder dislocation. When the head of the humerus dislocates, the socket bone and the ligaments in the front of the shoulder are often injured. A severe first dislocation will lead to continued dislocations, giving out a feeling of instability.

Repetitive Strain

Some people without dislocation may have shoulder instability. Most of these patients have looser ligaments in their shoulders. This increased looseness is sometimes just their normal anatomy or due to the repetitive overhead motion.

Multidirectional Instability

In few patients, the shoulder can become unstable without a history of injury or repetitive strain. In such patients, the shoulder may feel loose or dislocate in multiple directions, i.e. the ball may dislocate out the front, out the back, or out the bottom of the shoulder. This is called multidirectional instability.
Symptoms of Shoulder Instability

Symptoms can include extreme pain in shoulder areas, pain while moving arms up or so, lack of proper movements (can’t move hand more than a limit)etc.


First doctor will examine you physically. In the physical exam, your doctor will feel and move your shoulder, checking it for mobility and strength. Then doctor may order an X-ray or MRI scan which will help to confirm that your shoulder was dislocated or injured in the past.

Treatment for Shoulder Instability

After the diagnose depending on your condition doctor may advice nonsurgical or surgical treatment. In nonsurgical treatment, Hands-on treatments and various types of exercises are used to improve shoulder movements. Various surgeries such as Labral repair (Bankart repair), Latarjet procedure, Capsular Shift etc are done if pain becomes severe. 

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