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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Knee Revision Arthroplasty in Chennai

Knee Replacement  is often done to get relief from the chronic joint pain, arthritis or other factors which reduce the mobility of the knee. It is proved successful in 80% of the persons. But in some, due to various reasons this procedure will not have the intended effect. Then Knee Revision Arthroplasty is the solution.

Knee Revision Arthroplasty is the procedure used to correct the defects that occur after a knee replacement surgery. The major reasons for Knee Revision Arthroplasty are:
  • Infection: In every transplant, there will be biofilm. This is an organic material which has microbes in it in a state of hibernation. When this microbe becomes active they begin to multiply and causes infection.
  • Fractures: Any accidents or trauma may displace the implant which results in the problem to the implant.
  • Instability: This happens when the knee joint is too tight or too loose. This causes pain and irritation in the knee.
  • Wear and tear: Over the years the implant begins to wear. Among that plastic implant has more chances of wear because it is misaligned at the time of implanting .


Treatment procedure:

At first, the patient is given a general anesthesia so as not to feel the pain of surgery. Then the doctor removes the old prosthesis and inserts cement block called spacer. The spacer will be treated with antibiotics. After around six weeks, the doctor removes the spacer, corrects the knee and implants a new device. This is a complex procedure which requires 2 to 3 hours to complete. After the surgery, the patient has to avoid involving in tiring physical activities to avoid further complications. Doctor along with a Physiotherapist will observe the patient until he/she regains expected the level of mobility and efficiency.

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